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I've been asking alof of my gearhead buddies this question lately. With all of these new cars out there, the variety is unbelieveable. While we're all MB lovers at heart, some of us are enthusiastic about other marques as well. Anyhow, after seeing what's out there on the new market today, I would have to say that my first choice in a brand new car would be the Saab 9-3 Viggen coupe (in Lightning Metallic Blue). I haven't been impressed with MBs products for the last few years, and would never buy a Benz newer than a '95 model year. After that merger with (arrgh!) Chrysler and recently purchasing Daewoo and Hyundai I am really beginning to have second thoughts about Mercedes-Benz as a company anymore. Seems like all they're in it for now is to mass produce cars and the build quality just seems very poor anymore. Sure, I'll ALWAYS love vintage MBs but as far as new cars, the Saab Viggen stole my heart. I'd like to hear from others on this matter.

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