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I have always want a Porsche 993, and that will be likely my next purchase. It seems like quite a few people are taken by the new Saab. I work with a few guys who are die-hard Saab drivers, and I have the opportuinties to sit in their cars quite often. The impression I get from Saab is "GM" all the way. Things are always broken, and talk about plastic!! One guy has both of his passenger internal lights came out of the sockets, and the other has the face of the hidden storage compartment fell off (now its not that hidden). The ride, I must say, does feel solid. Even in the Cabrio. As far as MB quality, my ML holds up pretty well and I have no problem whatsoever. As for the plastic parts, I guess thats why MB can afford to lower their price to compete. Or else Bimmer and GM will eventually take over the market. Remeber not a too distance while back only super rich folks drive MB? Now its an affordable luxury car that ordinary people can afford. No matter what, I think MB still offers the most advance of technologies to modern day vehicles, and there is no other car company can match that. They can only imitate. It may by costly to fix all the electronic gadgets, but they save our lives, and I can hardly argue what price tag to put on the gadgets if it does what it means to do. And lastly, MB still retains a certain status symbol and I believe there are countless of people out there would love to drive the kind of cars we have, even the quality is a little subpar. Its my two cents.

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