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real estate conundrum

Father in law passed away intestate and suddenly two weeks ago. He and I were close friends. Left a house with a mortgage in need of significant repairs to make it salable or rentable. House is 2 hours away in a college town. My wife and her brother are not on the deed or the loan. She talked to the bank and of course they encouraged her to try and sell it.
Had a RE agent friend up there run some numbers and she says if we could find a quick buyer who would take it as is we might come out 6-8K clear after everything's paid off. Trouble is, AZ has a mechanism, paperwork petition thing for next of kin to apply to transfer title to their name but it takes 6 months for approval minimum. Meanwhile the mortgage has to be paid. There goes the in my opinion VERY optimistic 6-8K cash-out.
Another RE friend last night suggested renting it during that period but in the shape it's in right now I'm afraid we'd only be able to rent it to a bunch of college kids or tweekers. Who needs that aggravation?
Not my decision and we're not on the hook for anything but I'm seriously hoping she decides to just hand the keys back to the bank and be done with it.
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