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Originally Posted by snookwhaler View Post
I never did get around to fixing the circuit breaker because I had to leave town for a few days last week. I still plan to replace it the next few days. It is definitely weak. That was not the problem though.

I finally broke down and pulled all the electronic components out of the little hole in the side of the unit. When I did, the problem was obvious. The little printed circuit board attached to the "time delay relay" had several broken solder joints. So, I removed the circuit board from the relay, repaired the broken solder joints and it is working like a champ now!! I found the part online. The circuit board comes with a new relay. They are packaged together. $31 shipped. Will be here later in the week.

Glad I found it! Intermittent stuff is such a PITA to figure out and fix!

Thanks again for all the help above!
Imagine trying to find an intermittent ground fault in a 20,000 square foot buildings fire alarm! Those days suck!

If that breaker is infact getting sloppy, replacing it would be good for the unit. Might even lower the power bill a little bit. Mine dropped like a rock when I replaced the 60 year old load center. ( breaker panel)
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