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add to the mystery

OK, guys I didn't want to put you to sleep with the whole story on the 420 SEL, but here it goes: My sister bought this car about a year ago from an ad in the paper for 8,900 dlls and it looked so nice(black on black leather and chrome rims) that she didn't even take it to a mechanic, (love at first sight) it has about 120K miles then after about 11 months the problem started and she never told me about it , she drives about 80 miles every day to work both ways, and every time the engine dies, it cranks strong, electricity is there and everything else, but it won't start, then she waits about 20 to 30 minutes and the car starts again. Then, about the 1800 Dlls she got charged, I asked her to read to me what it says on the bills, and what they replaced is mostly smog related items(catalytic converter, belts, some gaskets, those little valves for smog, etc.) then, when I told her that all that had nothing to do with the original problem she came out with another story about not passing the smog test (you know this is Calofornia) and still wont pass it, after all those replacements. So there it is, the whole story on the 89' SEL, and I too, think, that the problem(engine dying) is related to the gas pump, filter,or coil,but last she told me is that she found a super mechanic close to her house.......... I'll keep you posted ..........
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