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Originally Posted by t walgamuth View Post
Ooops! I eat the bagged mw popcorn. We'll have to cut that out and use our own system. Our system is putting some olive oil in a glass bowl and some popcorn and putting it in the mw. Its a little more trouble than the bags but not much.
Seriously, you should get a Nordic Ware microwave popcorn maker and try out some heirloom popping corn. While you can "air" pop the corn dry, just a small amount of oil does wonders.

We use heirloom kernels rather than the colossal hybrid that Orville Redenbacher unleashed on the world. If you compare the two side by side, you'll find a much more distinct textural and flavor difference between the two. If one is using the kernel as an extra flavor delivery system, then the colossal provides more area, but for plain popcorn, the heirloom is much tastier.
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