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Zydeco-- its pretty Uh.....

I was watching some show on public Tele vision channel like America reframed or something about those secretive swamp type people down around Lafeyette , and to say the least..
Iit was about some zydeco band traveling around in a bus to all these little joynts, when the commenced trying to blow the tin roofs off these places, the people conducted themselves in a particularly peculiar fashion.

I guess it technically is classified as a dance but them people looked more like they were having a spell or were perhaps possessed by a voodoo trance or something.

They each held the finger of their partners but sort of jerked /hopped and jigg'd around more as if their britches were full of flea's biting them....
Damndest "dancein " I have ever saw.

I wondered if the humidity- heat would the best of them .
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