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I drove my friend's '85 280 SL to the beach last weekend, and I noticed that there is about an inch of free play in the gas pedal before it actuates the linkage. I looked at the linkage under the hood, and the gas pedal is connected by linkage to a bell crank-type mechanism (bell crank has a slot in it in which a roller rides. Roller is attached to an arm which moves the throttle plate). There is a micro switch (presumably for the k-jet fuel injection) which rides on the bell crank to which the gas pedal linkage is connected, and it is activated during the "play" stage of gas pedal movement, before the throttle plate is even moved. This doesn't seem right to me. There are several linkage rods that have slotted adjusters in them which lengthen or shorten them, and it looks like the play could be adjusted out, but I'm not sure what the correct free play is (if any) and when the micro switch is supposed to be activated. Does anyone know the correct adjustment procedure? Thanks in advance for any help!
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