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New Rubber: Bearings

85 300TDT 293k

I'm replacing my rear axles (right one committed suicide...boot still in tact but I think it leaked its lube) and so I'm also conisdering replacing the as many of the rubber suspension bearings as I can while I'm there. Here's a list:

1. Torsion bar bearing (should be easy)
2. Semi-Trailing arm bearing (special tool?)
3. Rubber bearing at back of differential (necessary)
4. Rear axle carrier bearing (below rear jack point)...specail tool?

Classic question...are the special tools absolutely necessary? Can a little patience and finess take their place? I have the MB CD manual but unfortunately the pictures are poor and I cant get a good idea of what everything actually looks like.

Thanks for your time,
85 300TD Turbodiesel 299,376 miles
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