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Replacing rubber - '91 190E 2.3

I am looking for a good metric bolt torque reference? My Haynes doesn't list it for the majority of needed locations. Also, corresponding bolt size to socket size would be nice.

Anyway, after work last nite I replaced the transmission mount and all the exhaust hangers - looking for a little more reduction in noise and vibration. Motor mounts replaced previously. The job worked out pretty straightforward, and the results are noticeable, but not dramatic.

I had also new front swaybar bushings - since that seemed it would be easy - so I tackled that next. What a pain! None of the bolts or nuts were captive(anymore), so removing and reinstalling all eight took forever. At least the bar popped out easily when that was done, and sliding the bushings on and off ws a snap. A floor jack helped ease the bar back into the spring-loaded bushing brackets. Handling noticeably less vague - even going straight.

Problem is, I am a bit uncertain on the unlisted torques. The upper nut on the tranny mount (19mm) is inaccessible for me with any torque measuring device anyway, so I just cranked on it good. The lower 13mm-head bolts stamped '8.8' I torqued to about 160 in-lbs, but I would like to find out if that is in range?


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