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Originally posted by jsmith

I'm a little confused. Aren't the rears all single filaments? I believe that the 7506 is a single filament. Didn't you say that you were replacing a double filament in your original post?
Right, all of the rears are single filaments.

What I mean by nipples or tabs, are the ones on the side of the base of the bulb. These nipples are indexed, or spaced apart, so that the bulb slides in the socket and can be turned and locked into place.

With the exception of the rear side markers which takes a smaller bulb, all of the other bulbs in the rear taillights, including the rear fog light, is a 21 Watt #7506 bulb.

What is interesting is that I didn't even know I had a rear fog light. Yes, that's right - fog light. Our cars don't have rear fog lights. There is only one, and it is on the drivers side. You pull out the light knob two clicks to engage the rear fog light.
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