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I need to replace my Idler Arm bushings. From this thread, I gather I must:

1. Remove nut, push bolt up and pry lower bushing out.

2. Pry top bushing down(?) and out from around bolt.

3. Remove the bolt by angling through idler arm hole and sliding up and out.

4. Reassemble in reverse -- angle bolt in from top, align bolt, slide in upper bushing, slide in lower bushing, attach nut and tighten as hard as possible.

I still have a couple of questions, one or two of which may be stupid:

Q: Do both front wheels have to be off the ground, or can I just jack up the right side of the car?

Q: Do I need to be underneath the car, or can I get at the idler arm after removing the right-side wheel?

Q: If I install the bolt upside down, as is suggested in the thread, do I also reverse the order of the washer and what appears to be a type of cap that comes with the kit? (See photo.)

Q: How tight do I need to tighten the bolt?
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