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Yesterday was a red-letter day for maintenance on my '84 300D Euro! I replaced the rear view mirror in about 20 seconds, then I undertook to replace the driver side A/C vent. That went smoothly as well, so I decided to remove the IP while I had the lower dash panels out. The IP came out easily enough, whereupon I proceeded to lubricate the speedo cable (it needed it badly), and clean up the rest of the IP. Here's a tip I discovered: if the various bulbs on your instrument panel are dim, simply wipe them clean with a lint-free rag. I did that, and my IP lights (blinkers, warning lights, etc.) are like new. I also used a tad of Armor-All and a Q-tip to clean the numeric nomenclature on my odometer trip meter. Warning: getting the speedo face back in the IP cluster with the trip meter reset button intact requires a modicum of patience!

'84 300D Euro
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