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Originally posted by engatwork

ako - to change the fluid disconnect the return line that comes in near the top of the hyd reservoir. Slip a plastic hose over the end of this return line and run it down into a container sitting on the ground. Start the car and keep replinishing the fluid as it is sucked out of the reservoir. When it is pretty clear from the return line it will be changed. Also, if it is like the W123 it will have a screen in the top of the reservoir that will either need to be cleaned or replaced. Not quite certain but I believe you are supposed to raise/lower the rear of the car while changing to get it to "change" at the struts. [/B]

1. In addition to the filter in the reservoir, Is there also a filter in the rear suspension that needs to be changed?

2. Someone told me that the hyd fluid is actually Bilstein hyd suspension oil that is marketed as Febi (dark blue bottle). Can you confirm?

As usual, Thanks for all your input. Been learning a lot from knowledgeable guys like you.

1992 300 TE Wagon (m103) 114K miles
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