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I just stocked up my shelf in the garage at home with a bunch of MB coolant, and it was still orange, like always. But to answer your question, yes, Texaco/Havoline does make it for Mercedes. A very good product indeed. In fact, in all of my non-MB cars, I use the Havoline 5yr/150K coolant which is also orange, but comes in a black jug with an orange cap. I don't use any additives in my Mercedes, but in the Bimmer, the DeLorean and the Jensen I pour in a bottle of Red Line Water Wetter when I change the coolant just to keep them happy. Never had an overheating problem with any of my Benzes, but the BMW 745i, while I have never had an overheating problem as of yet, is known for overheating, as are the DeLorean and the Jensen. Water Wetter is always good precaution if you have a car that is notorious for running a little on the warm side.

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