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If you needed a fender replaced due to an accident, a lot of insurance companies now want you to use cheaper aftermarket sheet metal. Another example is the bumper - they will try to get you to accept a thinner, imitation OEM bumper.

It is a process of negotiation between you and the insurance company right up until the Judge settles a lawsuit. Unfortunately, the insurance company has the cash and you want the cash. So, you have to convince them that you are only going to accept a quality replacement part on your car, and if they do not provide it, they have broken their contract with you - and that you will sue.

Nothing else you say matters to the insurer. They have "whine listening" classes to learn how to ignore anything else.

The other big trick/scam after more serious accidents is to total your car for blue book value rather than fix it. What a great deal for the insurance company if you had a nicer than average car!

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