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There are a few options.
The ELITE program is offered to more than just UTI grads. Attending UTI isn't a guarantee that you'll get into ELITE, lets get that straight. Here are what is listed as qualifications for ELITE training:

Graduate from a NATEF Master Certified Automotive program
Pass a Mercedes-Benz entrance exam
Valid drivers license and clean driving record
Interview and recommendation by a designated recruitment representative
Sign a letter of intent to work exclusively for a Mercedes-Benz dealer for a period of 12 months
Student must have acceptable attendance while in school
Student must have a 3.0 GPA
Agree to random drug testing while in the program
Have a current resident alien if a student from outside the USA

To get further info on going the ELITE route, go to the mercedes-Benz Career website:

There should be more information on the ELITE program at the MB Careers website.

The other route, if you feel you don't want to go this route, is to begin working for a Mercedes-Benz dealer, and they should, assuming you show promise as a good tech, send you to training at the MB training centers for dealer personnel.


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