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Re: Hold your ground with State Farm

Originally posted by okc329
Remind your agent of that. Finally, tell them that unless you get the service you have been paying for, you're gone as soon as they fix your car or before!
While it can't hurt to talk/yell at your agent, it's really the claims rep that has the lock on the pocketbook. It's the ying and yang of the insurance business. Underwriting (your agent's team) take in the money and Claims (the adjusters) tries to prevent paying more on a claim than they have to.

Probably the adjuster, and not the agent, will refer to the "like, kind and quality" clause in nearly all auto collision policies which contractually gives the insurer the "right" to use non-OEM crash parts, like TYC or DEPO headlight assemblies instead of Bosch or you pay the difference.

In short, you get what you pay for and always read the fine print.
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