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Question 124 CD Manual? Pls check something for me

I'm having trouble getting into a couple of pdf files on my manual.It is a genuine MB disc so I'm assuming it was made this way but I was wondering if someone could check their CD and see if these files appear.The page in the manual will open but it's transparent usually (once it was white but blank),the bar at the bottom of the page says that it's finished loading but there's nothing there.Here are the two files I'm having trouble with-
  • Disc 1
  • Engine Manual
  • Combustion manual
  • 07.3 Mechanical/electronic gasoline injection system (KE injection)
  • 0121 Testing electrical components of KE injection system
  • D:\Program\Engine\103\07.3-0121.pdf
The other one is the wiring diagram in the electrical manual, also on disc 1.This is for our 88 300 CE, thanks in advance.
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