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I agree with you generally. In fact, I really despise paying $1,300 per year for collision insurance considering my driving record. The cost of homeowner's insurance has gone astronomical, especially here in Texas, with the mold farce.

With an auto warranty the big difference is the perceived value at resale. I look at as a possible investment which may at least be partially recovered if and when I sell the car. And as much as I am infatuated with this car, it is not practical for me as a daily driver. Plus I am 6'4".

I hear lots of credit given to Starmark warrantys. Wuold you buy one for your car if it were available? I'm thinking about the A/C, tranny, diff., head gasket, wheel bearings, etc. The big ticket items that could pay for the warranty the first time used.

Your opinions? I know everybody has one.
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