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The crush seemed good in that the center ring is forced downa dn when I compare it onthe bench it looks like it had a good seal.
torque value was 54 or 57 ft lbs. Can't remember at the moment. Which I think is correct according to Haynes.

Could a "trenched" prechamber cause a slight miss? this is my symptom and I have been trying a lot of things to correct this problem. I also used about a quart of oil ove the 550 miles with a motor that compression checked at 345 to 360 psi in all 5 holes. I'm thinking valve stem seals for fixing this...
As you can tell I'm grasping at straws here!

I'm about ready to try a different IP and see if this will fix it but I only have access to a 1985 MW pump and this is a 1980. Should that be a problem though? The pump looks identical in all respects. I also have access to a 1979 M-RSF pump but it does not have the vacuum bleed mount on it. Would this matter for testing? I don't know why I am obsessed with the pump as the root of this problem other than it seems I have done just about everything else to try to isolate it.
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