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Originally Posted by jake12tech View Post
The non-turbos are dogs. Driven both non-turbo and turbo, I'd never get a non-turbo model. They are cheaper though which I'd assume is because the turbo model is more desirable. If the non-turbo had a 6-speed, I'd buy one then.
Still faster than any stock w123 diesel and most w124 diesels which people around here don't seem to complain about. Unfortunately most of the om606 non turbos of this age have the intake stuffed full of soot and oil and the ecu is smart enough to cut fuel proportionaly so it doesn't smoke. Clean out the intake, block off the EGR and they come back to life. The 5spd auto is a nice touch as well. Mine was $2k and despite needing some work it turned out to be an excellent car.
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