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Help! "camshaft Woodruff Keys"


i am at my shop working on the 88 420 i've replace the pass side cam.

my question is on the woodruff keys (there are 2) i've got 2 - 4 degree woodruff keys to bring the timing back to zero but.......the nose of the cam is confusing me.

the first key is for the thrust washer which aligns up the cam for the timing mark. the outer key is for the cam chain gear.

the problem is i put a straight key in the first pocket for the thrust washer then you slide the spacer on which is keyed. but... the outer key won't be able to seat because the key is being blocked by the spacer.

so i thought you replace both of the camshaft gear key one on each head. but why is the spacer interferring with the 4 degree key. how do i replace the keys properly.

please any suggestions.
Thanks Much!

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