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Battery Charger

So my saga with my "new" 1985 300TD Wagon continues. I would like to thank everyone who pointed to Vacuum hoses regarding my non-operational locks and non-shut off. Now the problem is that the car is not starting again (it's quite cold too today). By the way, I would really appreciate if someone could show me how to add the thermometer to my post signature. So my battery is drained and I found a small battery charger in friends garage and this is what it says on it - 6V 6AMP, 12V 2AMP and 12V 6AMP. Those are the options on the battery charger and I don't know which one to select as charging option (I definitely dismissed the 6V 6AMP but what is the real difference between the 12V 2AMP and 12V 6AMP?

Again, you guys are my saviors!!!!
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