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I purchased my used E320 from a MB dealer where all of the service had been done. After reading the posts on here about the service records I called the service manager and asked did he have the records and if he did would he fax a copy of them to me. I received the faxed copies today. It did not cost me anything and I saved some money because a lot of the work I was planning to do has already been done - serp belt comes to mind (I will let the one I purchased sit in the trunk for awhile). I was quite surprised to see that they had to install a new head gasket around 68k miles because of an oil leak. I have never had to replace a head gasket on any of the Hondas I have owned at 60k. In addition, it looks like a lot of the bugs were worked out really early on in the life of the Merc.
It seems to me that our Honda is like a Singer sewing machine where the Merc is like a John Deere (John Deere being the best you know).
These records are invaluable.

'95 E320, 85k miles
'97 Honda CR-V, 65k miles
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