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W115 Replacement Window Channels

I'm looking to replace the window channels/runs in my 76' 240D (the EPC calls them "runs", everyone else seems to call them "channels"). I contacted the Classic Center about replacement channels. They got back to me and said that the front door channels were no longer available, but the back door channels were. This bummed me out as my front channels are by far the worst off.

Fast forward a couple months, and a few more months of mechanical know-how, and I come to see window channel available by the meter on eBay for the W115. So: are window channels actually specifically shaped to that upside-down U they make in the door frame? Or do you just cut this stuff to the proper length, bend where the door bends, and install? If it's just cut-and-install, then why couldn't the Classic Center sell me fronts?
76' 240D
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