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So the 1 meter pieces that I see for sale are actually shaped to the front door then? And those big rolls are just that, big rolls of unshaped window channel. Well that makes a lot of sense.
No, that's not what I meant.

The 1 meter pieces are the correct extrusion, but they're just 1 meter pieces. They sell "by the meter". It's not clear that you can buy a piece that's say, 2.5 meters long, which is my guesstimate for the overall length of the front door window run, or just one-meter pieces. They are not the OE window run, in the sense that they are not formed into the U-shape as the originals were. They work for the W114 coupe, which has the window run channel on the body and no tight bends, there being no window frames on the doors. Maybe they can be bent to conform to the tight corners, but I have my doubts. However, you could probably use them to fab up a replacement if you can figure out how to trim them accurately to form mitered corners.

There are some European suppliers that offer the 1-meter replacements which they claim are made by "quality German aftermarket manufacturers". Those are the one's that I'd consider, and I think it might be worth the risk. Since it is frowned upon for members to suggest suppliers other than the forum sponsor (a sentiment that I respect), all I can suggest is that you Google it.

I would not buy anything marketed by URO. I've tried a few of their rubber parts, and they never fit correctly. In fact, certain seal of theirs don't fit at all. Their hoses have failed prematurely on me. Their stuff is just not worth the likely frustration. You can read all about other folks experience with URO parts that failed instantly or shortly after installation, sometimes with catastrophic results, on this forum as well as many other forums.
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