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Originally posted by gillybenztech
I forgot about your internal version coding. The 2000 would need to be version coded too. The one I did my dvd install on was a 2000 as well. I also didn't know it was a 1998. One of the wires is a diagnostic wire, I believe it's yellow. This one joins up with another wire, I believe the diagnosis wire from the SRS. They share a common pin in the diagnostic plug. If these were joined together, i believe the tech could just go into the truck with SDS and the SDS would pick up on this info as though it were a 2000 or newer, at least for MCS. I'd try doing that, maybe that's why it's not working right.

From what I understand the 2000 ML's had a few different MCS units. In the first part of the year they didn't need to be version coded. The 2001 has the D2B connector with two pins on the back/bottom of the MCS next to the larger connector with 8+8+7 pins. That last connector has only 7 pins (instead of 10 like in a 2000 MCS) because the CD-changer connects there in 2000 MCS's, and in a 2001 MCS the CD-changer audio, phone, BOSE amplifier and voice recognition all use the D2B ring audio instead.
So I may just try to get a early version of the 2000 ML MCS and try that. If I am able to find one then my 6 disc changer may work again. If that doesn't work then I will deffinatly try what you said (if I can get MB to help me out) My MBD is pretty finicky about working on things such as retrofitting. They have already told me it couldn't be done! I have been doccumenting this Retrofit with detailed PICS and explinations and when I get this to work I will finish it correctly (right now it's a little messy) but if you want to take a look at it here is my web page:

MCS NAV Retrofit into my 1998 ML
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