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"SUV's with 4L+ engines should completely disappear from this earth IMHO "

An automaker whose biggest engine is 3.5L will be very glad to hear this.

But this is not likely going to happen IMHO. If my family can only keep one car, my Ford Explorer will be the one. Yes, my Mercedes 400E is a nice car, I personally like it the most, but to be realistic, my family can live without it, but without our SUV, my family has to sadly change our life style.

I will be missing all its conveniences, I can no longer easily do home DIY project, I have to rent a truck for fishing trips, I have to rent a truck to tow tent trail, owning boat will be impossible. when it snows heavily, I can no longer drive without shoveling my driveway in the early morning, I will worry about my wife being stuck everytime snowstorm comes. I need a real truck, I need a truck with 4WD, with at least 4L engine and 5000 lb towing capacity, it should take the abuse, not an unibody FWD platform Honda pilot that can tow only 3000 lb, which is the same as my last Volvo.

And most of all, I can not afford to own 3 vehicles, it will be costly if we use 2 cars as daily drive and park the SUV at home, only use it when absolutely necessary.
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