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A minor problem but at times it could be annoying.

I use to switch off the air cond completely by turning off the fan when I park the car. I will only switch the fan back on next time after the engine has been started. The thermostat is left at its usual position.

Occassionally (i.e., not always) the fan and hence the air cond could not be turned on, no matter how many times I turn the fan switch on and off. At this time, all other electric devices seem to be working, such as the headlights, the windscreen wiper, the radio, etc.

I would then need to turn the engine off, restart the car and then the fan and air cond would be OK. Last evening I needed to repeat this twice to make it work.

Could it be due to a defective fuse, a faulty relay, or a loose wire connection? Appreciate your advices.

Edwin Li
W123, 1984, 2Litre gasoline, manual
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