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engine cut out / stalling 380 sl

My 82 380SL (euro) has suddenly developed a stalling problem or more accurately I would describe an engine cut out. Has occurred several times usually while driving from speeds of 30 to 60 MPH. Engine suddenly stops without warning. Engine will not restart when cranked. After 5 min to several hours the engine starts immediately and runs normally. Have been to my MB mechanic twice and both times no engine cut outs occurred. Fuel pump relay and electrical relays were pulled checked, but not changed, and car ran normally at shop. Cut out has occurred also when idling. After cut out I can hear fuel pump operating with key on but engine will not start until a "cool down" period occurs.

It was suggested to change out the fuel pump relay first, then proceed with fuel pump / line pressure testing if problem continues.

Does this sound like a fuel pump failure / relay issue?

Could this instead be an OVP relay problem to idle control system?

Or is this more likely a short in ignition switch or problem in electronic ignition / switching unit?

Advice on how to proceed and similar experiences appreciated.

Thank you in advance
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