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I quess with cheap diesel no one will talk.I couldn't afford electronic valves,I used all manual valves.The only thing I bought was injection line heaters,a electric thermostat to turn off heaters at 180 degrees,A used heat exchanger,fuel hose,fm 100 5 micron filter from napa.I used a boat tank. I used a common water hose splitter,with 5/16 fittings,to either send veg or diesel to engine,oh yeah a 10 psi electric pump to push both fuels.At engine area.My 5 micron filter head has two inputs,and two output.I blocked one output off.Fuel would go into heatexchanger into primary filter into FM,then to engine lift pump.At the cigar return hose I used a gas valvave reducded to 5/16,and a tee before valve to shut return line off,then recycled hot fuel back into FM100 input opening.When in veg mode return fuel was recycled.Hot coolant to heat exchanger also had manual valve to turn off hot coolant.
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