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OM617 and 616 Timing Chain Tensioners

I screwed up. My tensioner poped out when I removed it this time to retard the cam and I didn't understand how far in (shorter) it was supposed to be. So I bolted it up, bound up the engine, and when I removed it the body (cast iron) was broken at the flange. CURSES!!!!!

Anyhow, Pelican shows different part numbers for the 616 and 617 engines though they look alike.

Are they, in fact, different? Or could I use either if I can find one at PnP?

BTW - right now the oldest Mercedes Diesel our PnP shows on the inventory is an '86 so no go, at least as of today.

If PnP doesn't come thru in a day or two I may ask one of you if you have one in your stash. Given shipping, it would be quicker to get it locally if possible.


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