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'86 300E shifting

Hi, I've JUST purchased a '86 300E so have been reading posts on that car. I've come across some posts that make reference to a 'shift button'. I'm unaware of such a 'button' and was wondering if someone could tell em about it. Is it manually pushed or is it in connection with pedal position?

I've been unhappy with the shifting of my car because it always starts out in second gear unless accelerating hard, thus giving a 'on or off' feel, where you accelerate the whole way or just stick regualr slow acceleration.

I can make it start from first gear if I manually put it into the '2' position, but then I find it does not shift automaticly into second gear but stays locked in FIRST gear! I can shift manually from first to second by quickly popping it from '2' to 'D3' and then quickly back into '2' before it has a chance to shift all the way to third gear.

Thanks for the help explaining my car to me! =)

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