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Guys, here are some manuals you'll find useful.

126 FSM, a couple of transmission manuals, trailer hitch plans, 01 DodgeRam FSM

I'll leave the link active until tomorrow then deactivate the sharing.

link down. send me a pm if you can't find the manuals online.

To those dealing with trans vacuum issues, there is a section in the manual that lists modulator pressure. MY 84SD has a 722.303 trans and green modulator for example. The trans ID is above the pan on the passenger side. The exact measured pressure suggested in the manuals varies by trans and modulator color but all trans with the same color modulator use similar pressure readings.

Set the modulator then make a gauge by drilling a 1/8" hole in a nickle (US). Follow the FSM and set the VCV to 0 with the gauge installed. Then adjust the VCV up or down until you have the firm shifts you want without flare. All of the needed info is in the manuals.

Also, 15" vacuum is a little low. Try plugging all of the vacuum systems and find out what the pump is putting out. IIRC, both of my SDs are above 18".

Like I said, I'll deactivate the link tomorrow. Professor Google turned all of this up so it isn't secret. Happy reading.
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