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"I live in Silicon Valley, and the sight of thousands of SUV's (with a single driver in each of them) stuck in terrible traffic jams makes me feel really bad for the way human beings wastefully consume our Earth's precious resources. "

One of the moderators should probably move this thread to a different forum, but as long as it's here...

The key in the above statement is what you relegated to parentheses. When this country gets serious about resource conservation, mass transit will become the more attractive alternative. Trying to force folks into driving in jammed up traffic every day in a vehicle in which they feel unsafe in a mishap is just not going to happen on a scale to mean anything.

I too hate seeing all those SUVs, because I'm in a car, and I can't see around the $&%#%' s. I retaliate once every couple of weeks or so by driving my 5.7l carbureted '83 class-C motorhome into work. In that I see just fine, and everyone else can fret.

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