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I bought the car this weekend. I ran a carfax report and that came back good. The records show wiring harness and head gasket were replaced. The service book records ended at 22500, but there were additional paper records of major services done. There were a couple of gaps where the owner said he couldn't find the paperwork. The car is is hard to tell from brand new on the interior, couldn't even find a scuff in the leather. The exterior has one small door ding which was there when I inspected it and now has a scuff on the left rear bumper and trim thanks to a careless parallel parking job on a city street. (This happened 30 minutes after I bought the car while I was eating lunch). The car runs very strong, no leaks no vibrations and is extremely quiet. Sunroof operation is slow and I am worried that it may stop working. Winter package and premium stereo were included. original window sticker said $46,500 new. I bought the car from the second owner who seemed a little less diligent in his record keeping. Original owner changed the oil 4 times in 14000 miles so I feel that the car was probably broken in well. I took a gamble and did not get a ppi, I hope my gut feeling holds true. I plan on taking this car to a dealer and having the next maintenece service done asap. Final price was $11,000 negotiated down due to some missing service records and slow working sunroof. Any shop recomendations (dealer or otherwise) in the Chicago area? Thanks-CJ
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