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From reading the archives, I understand I can put a new catalytic converter in there to reduce the emissions, since (with 175K) mine is probably dead. However, W/O finding and fixing the source of the problem, the catalytic converter won't last, right? I'll have to put another one in there eventually, yes?

So, this brings up the question: does anyone know HOW LONG it will last? Six months? A year? Two? Five? Once again, my emissions readings are:

2500 RPM Test
HC PPM: 208 (should be < 130)
CO %: 1.15 (should be < 1.00)

Idle Test
HC PPM: 287 (should be < 100)
CO %: 2.65 (should be < 1.00)

I won't hold you to it, but any educated guesses?
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