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While most were on the column, floorshift manuals were availible on the Fintails. Depending on whether it's a manual columnshift or floorshift, some setups used different transmissions & linkages. You'll also need the pedal assy and clutch hydraulics. If you keep the shift on the column, you'll probably need a different column assy for the manual-shifter. And the column assys also differ depending on whether it's for manual steering or power assist
Best to try and find a donor-car to get everything you might need. Can't say about the driveshaft, but you won't need a different rear-end, though one with taller gearing would make for more relaxed highway cruising. But that opens a can-o-worms as those rear-ends were typically used on the later V8 models with rear disc-brakes, and a different rear-end ratio will need a matching speedometer, or your speed and mileage readings will be off.

Happy Motoring, Mark
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