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It's not fair...

I don't think its fair to compare an E500 to an M6. I believe the E500 is has a V8 and I know the M6 has an in-line 6 not to mention that production stopped in the late 80s where as MB has MY2003. Iam not sure what years are we comparing here. Try comparing a new E500 to one of the newer M5 like MY2002 or even 540I 6 spd with a V8. I personally don't think the E500 can touch the 540i or the M5 in any way (handling, braking, ..etc). M5 is a race bread car and can play really hard. I do believe the E500 is powerful car, however,without a question its a more practical daily car than the M5 and pretty sure cost less to maintain. I may be a huge Bimmer fan, but I would still favor the MB for practical daily life uses and the BMW as my only personl car (no one drives it but me). Just my opinion with all respect to all MB lovers.[COLOR=darkblue]
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