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Holy Behr Batman!!!
I was attempting to take off the fan bolts when the upper
radiator outlet gave way. Just about right, only wanted to do a
little preventive maintenance by changing the belt and end up
buying a new $300 radiator. Could have gotten it cheaper but not until Wednesday and they don't take Visa! (I think my famous
last words were, "I'm not gonna pay someone about $100 just to change out a belt, not when I can do it myself!)
Good News, got the new belt on!! But, the large bolt in the
middle of the tensioner would not budge?? The tension pointer is at the notch on the far end of the triangle (closest to the
camshaft) The tension adjustment bolt runs from one end of the
spectrum to the other without a problem. Is this correct? What
part of the scale should the tension be adjusted to? This is
similar to the serpentine belt on my wife's suburban but the
bolt doesn't seem to be acting the same.
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