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Originally Posted by joshhol View Post
I would be wary of the money order. Why didn't he use paypal? It could be fake and by the time the bank figures it out, you will be left with no money, no car.
There should be many 108's available in CA. Not sure why someone would go out to the east coast for one unless it was an amazing deal. Yours looks nice but it needs things.
The easy coast - west coast thing was the very first thing I said to the guy. Hell, two rust free CA / AZ examples came along since my listing. It seems very strange, but maybe this shipper has a west-to-east delivery and wants something to make the return trip. It appears an auto shipper is at the same address as the address on the cashiers check or money order or whatever it is.

As for the "cashiers check", originally the buyer wanted to send me a wire, and I said no wire. I'm not providing my checking/routing info. I know it is on every check I write, but it don't normally write checks to people I don't know, or businesses that I don't deal with repeatedly. So he offered to send a "cashiers check". I can deposit it into one of my more empty accounts and ask my bank.

I am definitely on the more cautious side regarding scams.

As far as PayPal, I never offered. He never offered. I got $200 deposited via ebay PayPal. So I know he has an account. I actually think this might be simpler and safer. It gives me more time to mull this whole thing over anyway. So I've got no complaints about the payment method. I realize I may need to refund the buyer for his cashiers check fee if I back out though.
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