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Originally Posted by joshhol View Post
Yeah, I don't know what to say about your dilemma. I don't like doing something unless I'm absolutely sure. I've had too many "lessons" the other way.
Guy gets his money back, no harm no foul. Don't know what shipping reservations he might get stuck with. . .

Do you love the 108? Is it a time constraint thing if you get the 111? If you're looking at a 50 thousand dollar car, the 2500 from the 108 isn't going to do much towards that.
Right. $2300 in my pocket actually. If I take my time and really fix up the w108, I see people asking much much more for nice examples. Mine has a cracked dash, but I guess all the other things I can make nice pretty easily. I don't know if I could use the 1969 dash pad top as one to restore and ultimately install in the 1973. With all that, I think I could have a pretty nice w108. The engine work comes first though. 3.5 heads on there get
Me a little excited too. It helps me take more advantage of this 350sl 4-speed I am buying too. Mostly I wanted the bell housing from that car for hopes and plans of maybe converting my 450slc 5.0 to a manual trans getrag 265 car. Lots of projects, and I'm only 40, so hopefully I've got plenty of time to upgrade both of those cars to a single w111 convertible. I don't know if the w111 convertibles are "pulling away" in prices, or if the custom 107.026 and a regular w108 will be closing the gap. I'm guessing the w111 may be "pulling away", and maybe it's time to fetch one before they all exceed $100k.
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