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Originally Posted by vandor View Post
My only advice: don't buy cars that need a lot of work, unless you REALLY enjoy working on them. It's a lot easier to buy something nice and enjoy it. It's still an old car and will still need plenty of repairs.
I agree. Your w108 needs some things but it sounds like you've accepted the issues. If you buy another car, you'll still have issues to fix but you won't know what they are. You need to decide if you really want a w111 cab while you can. I have one, they're no longer cheap to acquire.

You could, however, call your buyer, say changed my mind, sorry and offer him an additional $300-$500 back through PayPal as the price of the lesson you've learned. He won't be happy if you pull the plug on him.

Your car looks good - not perfect but certainly fixable. I think he bought quickly because it's a good price, the car looks good, and he's probably been looking for awhile. Don't send him the car until you have cash in the bank. I wouldn't trust a money order either.

Time to decide...
- Brian

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