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I guess I wouldn't consider what I get from Porterfield a "street" pad although Tim advertises his R4 pad as a street version of his racing pads. He has been making pads for racing apps for over 10 years. I don't know exactly how long, so I'm being conservative. My car has worn his pads for over two years without problems (winter in Mich too). Please keep in mind, this is not some "fly by night" brake pad company making apps for Hondas. This is a guy who specializes in custom making complete brake systems for heavy duty racing applications. Brakes are all he does. Racing is the mainstay of his business. Go visit his website, it's pretty impressive. You can also call and request a catalog which I think is a lot more comprehensive look at what he does and how his business is geared. Its may not be the cheapest thing on the market, but you didn't buy your car because it was either, and you get what you pay for. See if your friend with the brake shop has ever heard of Portefield. If he hasn't, he'll thank you for turning him on to a great supplier. Paul.
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