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Angry Help! C36 has no power or torque!

I am having problems with my 1995 C36 and could use some help. After replacing the water pump on my C36 the ASR light came on and put my car into limp mode.

I brought it into the dealer for a diagnosis and they said it was the throttle actuator. I had it replaced and it fixed the problem and no ASR light. But when I got the car back, I noticed it had a loss in power and torque during take off. It felt really weak and sluggish. Whenever I pushed the pedal to accelerate it felt weak and the throttle response was not there. The pedal doesnt feel the same either.

I brought it back to the dealer and the first thing they said was to replace the computer!!! I know this is the quick way to fix things at the dealer but I'm not ready to dish out $$$ for a new comuter. Before I do this, any ideas what can be causing this problem? Any help would be appreciated!

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