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Christian K
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1996 E200t

I'm new to Mercedes and to the group. I recently purchased a 1996 E200T with 130.000 km, manual gearbox and no extra equioment. Not very amusing, but I just wanted a reliable transport for my family. However there are some things i wonder:

The wipers for the lights doesn't work, the electric motors are burned. I friend told me this is a common problem on this model. It seems strange to me since in 1996 it was the last year of the model, and it had been produced for many years. If it was a common problem, why didn't Mercedes sort it out? Is it expensive to get new motors installed?

Also I'd like to put 15" light metal rims on the car. Can anybody help me what type of rim is the correct one for this year and model (according to what the factory delivered when you chooze light metal wheels as an option).

Any other things I should know about this model?


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