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Originally Posted by POS View Post
You'll find a good one. They are out there, they just aren't out there when you're looking for one! I like the attitude though - "I'll find a better one." Do that.

And please, skip the cabrio conversion nightmare cars. They're not worth it.
I think the "I'll find a better one" applies to finding a w111 cabriolet to replace my SLC convertible and w108. Since I would be replacing a custom convertible SLC, I'm not sure it's fair to dismiss a coupe-to-cabrio conversion, especially if it is nice like the $29k one I listed above. Did you see the two ~$25k asking price coupes with NO TOP? That's ridiculous. You can't just cut the roof off a coupe and think it increases it's value.

If you decide to sell your cabriolet, please let me know!!!
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