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Here's the Diag Module codes. . . .

1 No Fault Found
2 Heated oxygen sensor faulty
3 Lambda control faulty
4 Air injection system faulty hot film mass air flow sensor with hot wire
5 Exhaust gas recirculation faulty

6 Idle speed control faulty
7 Ignition system faulty
8 Engine coolant temperature sensor open circuit
9 Intake air temperature sensor, open circuit
10 Voltage at mass air sensor too high/low
11 Tn-signal (rpm signal ) at engine control module faulty
12 Heated oxygen sensor heater circuit open or circuit short
15 Injector, cylinder 2
16 Closed throttle position information faulty
17 Data exchange malfunction between individual control module
18 Adjustable camshaft timing solenoid circuit open or circuit short
19 Injectors circuit open or circuit short emission control module adaptation in engine control module at limit
20 Vehicle speed signal not present
21 Purge switchover valve circuit open or circuit short

EGR may be plugged (DTC 5) but more serious DTC 3 and 5 mean MAF bad??? Thus no Lambda.
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