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Question Just bought a '97 S420

Just bought a '97 S420. My first Benz. I am the third owner and the car has 125k miles.

Tried to get as much of the paperwork on it as possible about maintanence done but it's sparce. I called the dealership that sold and worked on the car and they said that they don't keep any records over a year on service done to the cars. I could not believe it!

Does anyone know if Mercedes has a central information service about service done on cars and information on recalls?

I also would like some advise about a single lifter noise that I hear sometimes. The person I bought the car from said that every time he took the car in for the noise to be checked it would go away. The lifter noise I believe shows up after the car warms up.

Any other reccomendations for a newbie of a S420 would be appreciated.


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